The People

Name: Panos

aka: Sexy Panos

Age: (a closely guarded secret)

Aegean Sky mission: General Manager & barman extraordinaire

Fave holiday spot: Abroad, especially for understanding other cultures

In his own words:

Aegean Sky is a special place and I love being here every day. As I always say, we try to be the best, not the biggest. It’s wonderful when our guests enjoy their time here and return.

It’s my top priority that people have a pleasant and fun stay at Aegean Sky. Even after they have gone home I always try to get their opinions and ideas so that we can make things even better.

The best aspect of what I do is really the people. Spending the summer with so many wonderful people is a gift.


Name: Katerina K.

Age: 19

Aegean Sky mission: Pool Bar

Fave holiday spot: Aegean Sky pool with all our guests

In her own words:

I’ve been working at the pool bar for the last 2 years and it’s a perfect environment with all the lovely guests and colleagues.

I really love what I do and I just don’t see it as a job. It’s great that I get the opportunity to meet so many people and make new friends all the time.

As every single person in Aegean Sky I am ecstatic when our guests feel at home here and their holidays with us are simply unforgettable

Aegean Sky


Name: Pepi K.

Age: 19

Aegean Sky mission: Pool Bar

Fave holiday spot: Anywhere in Crete

In her own words:

I’ve been working at Aegean Sky for the last four years and I really enjoy it since I don’t view it as just any other job but it is actually quite fun. We have fun along with our guests who after a few days become our friends.

Our first aim is for our guests to feel like home when they stay with us. Our second aim is to help them remember their holidays in Malia as they best of their lives. When we achieve those two aims we really feel content.

I love what I do as I can see people being happy around me all the time.